Table Tennis England North West Regional Squad Selection Policy - Garstang Table Tennis Club

Garstang Table Tennis Club hosts the North West Regional Training Centre 3 evenings per week, players from all over North Lancashire and Cumbria attend the Centre. The Centre is supported by a number of clubs / leagues including Kendal, Blackpool, Preston and Lancaster & Morecambe. Selecting which players are in which squad involves a sometimes very difficult balancing of a whole range of different and sometimes complex considerations.

These include (not in order of priority);

  • Ability
  • Motivation
  • Commitment to attend weekend training sessions and competitions
  • Behaviour / conduct
  • Potential
  • Attitude to coaches
  • Parental support
  • Squad attendance record
  • Work ethic in training when undertaking exercises and feeding weaker players
  • Fighting spirit
  • Attitude in competitive situations
  • Ranking

Squad selection decisions are made by the Lead Coach at the Centre in consultation with other coaches.